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Sverre Fehn, Hamar. Hedmark Museum, Archbishopric Museum, Hamar, Norway 1967-1979

The main architectural concept has been to create a museum which preserves the existing remains of Hamar Bispegard and orhamar barn and makes it possible for the archaeological excavations to function as an important part of the actual museum, in line with the exhibits. The construction in connection with the building of the new museum does not at any point touch the medieval walls and ruins. A “suspended museum” has been created, and this makes it possible to be in a position to understand history—-not with the aid of pages of a book—-but as it appears in the world of archaeology.

But the very nature of its transitormess, the tree belongs to eternity—-walls belong to history.
The inclusion of the ruins entails an irregularity which at once attracts attention in that it is in contradictory relation to the “precision” of our day.
But gradually this picture changes and you acknowledge that this art of building has a precision dictated by the rhythm of human beings, the formation of the landscape and the movement of the sun, wind, and rain.

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