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Park  (via Şışhane Park / Begüm Öner )
Parking  (via Şışhane Park / Begüm Öner )
Cafe  (via Seongdong Cultural & Welfare Center / UnSangDong Architects )
(via Seongdong Cultural & Welfare Center / UnSangDong Architects)


For a day of woodworking at her Brooklyn studio, Ariele Alasko wears her reliable Gap high-rise black skinny jeans with a basic tee. #Styldby

See her full look.

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God Explains Space To His Angels


You’ll have to slow down.

I mean, very, very slow, like travelling
an inch and a half (they call
it distance) in eight hundred
million years (they call
it time). You’ll have
to distinguish between here
and there - yes, yes,
we all know there’s only
the here and now,

but you’ll have to see
it their way - with everything
reduced to three dimensions.
It comes with being
exiled in a mortal
body, you see, which is not
entirely a curse, I assure
you. Space is the disposable
furniture of a mind
enmeshed in its own
metaphors, brandishing
a meter stick under
our immeasurable sky.

You’ll need wings.

—Sid Gomez Hildawa

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Paper and Clay Ceramics - Memphis, TN | Lingered Upon

I would more than love if it was my job.

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